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Stories to Inspire

Watch personal stories from adult learners who have found their way to success.

This video will teach you how to create a personal GPS as a path to your goals.

In this video, listen as Rhonda talks about regaining her focus after setting her career goals.

Continuing her story, Rhonda talks about her long term plan and her focus toward her goal.

Learn important concepts to create a positive mindset and personal motivation for success.

This video will help you ask yourself questions to understand what you really want.

In this video, learn to define a purpose for your life to direct your career choices.

Learn to build a plan of action to develop your career in this video.

This video gives important advice about how to complete your career plan and achieve your goals.

In this video, Sheddrick shares his difficulties with his education as a father and wheelchair user.

In this video, Sheddrick shares his journey toward his GED and beyond.

Restaurateur Alice Wu talks about the importance of desire when pursuing your right career.

In this video, Debra shares her life’s obstacles and her journey back to education in her 50s.

In this video, Debra shares her journey toward her GED and her barriers toward learning.

Actor Mike Wade and filmmaker Jesi Kinnevan talk about imagination and its role in careers.

Rodderick talks about his path to continue his education after spending 12 years in prison.

Rodderick continues his story in this video, explaining his past troubles and current successes.

In this video, painter Vladimir Kush discusses inspiration and effort in pursuing your career.

Tianna, a single mother, talks about her life and goals in this video.

In this video, Tianna talks about her experiences with homelessness, education, and career goals.

Tianna continues discussing the barriers to getting her education and offers advice for other learners.

Learn the 5 Ps to success: “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” in this video.

Stephonie is a GED student. In this video, she discusses her struggles and inspirations.

Stephonie talks about issues of transportation, support, and maintaining focus on her studies.

Learn about the story of the hawk and the crows, teaching an important lesson about success.

Alsene discusses perseverance and her support system as she works towards getting her GED.

Alsene shares the story of her failed attempts towards getting her GED and her current success.

Alsene’s story concludes as she shares her past school experience and her current journey.


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